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Domino’s Are Making A BIG Change To Their Menu & We're MAD

When you think of Domino’s, no doubt you picture $5 pizzas, super fast delivery and the ultimate footy night dinner.

Well that’s precisely what Domino’s want to change.

No longer wanting to be known for just $5 pizzas, Domino’s are planning a chance to make the business more lucrative, and that means changing their current business model.

The pizza giant are set to launch a new range at a higher price point this weekend, labelled the ‘Premium Range’, which sees pizzas priced at around the $14-$16 mark.


Despite the higher price point, Deutsche Bank analyst Michael Simotas said back in July the pizza chain was looking at the possibility of reducing its portion sizes to 'provide additional cost relief'.

Domino's said their new campaign aimed to provide a quality meal for their customers and let them know the chain was 'more than just cheap $5 pizzas'.

'Our ongoing focus is to satisfy more customers, and ensure our franchisees are profitable and sustainable,' the company said.

'There will be an investment by stores in new pans as part of the new menu introduction, later this year.' But the REALLY bad news?

The leaked menu shows that margherita pizzas are set to be removed from the new menu, which is no doubt sure to enrage some customers…

Source: Daily Mail

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