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Dominos Have Started Adding AVOCADO To Their Pizzas

When you order a Domino's pizza, you know you’re going to get the kind of ham and salami you grew up with.

You know it, you know it’s safe, delicious and it’s going to satisfy - and you don’t have to worry about change.

Or do you?

Domino's have just announced that they’ve followed in the footsteps of other edgier pizza brands, adding avocado to its menu - and no-one’s quite sure what to make of it.

Yep, the new ‘Free Your Flavour’ range will include avocado-topped pizzas, and it’s being launched on Dec 11, despite claims avocados will be scarce this summer.

Domino’s CEO Australia and New Zealand Nick Knight said the new pizzas were created to give pizza-lovers the flavours they want at an affordable price.

“The new menu is all about indulgence with premium ingredients and the tastes that people love,” Mr Knight said.

In fact, with prices predicted to tip $4 this summer, Mr Knight reckons an avocado-topped pizza is an affordable substitution for smashed avocado toast from a cafe.

“For less than the price you would pay for a smashed avo on toast in most Australian cafes, Customers can order an avocado-topped pizza for as little as $12.95, or add the popular fruit to a pizza of their choosing for an additional $2.

“You shouldn’t have to choose between great tasting, quality ingredients and your hip pocket,” Mr Knight said.

Well, I guess i’ll be downing a pizza for breakfast then, eh?


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