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Domino's New Dessert Range Is Extreme In Every Sense

You know what's hard? Making decisions.

Do you want a chocolate brownie for dessert? Do you want a hot churro, dipped in chocolate sauce? Or do you forego eating dessert altogether and plump for a chocolate thickshake?

There is only one answer: You want all three, and at the same time.

Which is exactly what Domino's seem to be thinking with a dessert range that's literally being described as "extreme"; the over-the-top treats combine three sweet dishes into one, delicious shake.

"Our extreme desserts are are giving our customers more of what they want," Domino's Australia CEO Nick Knight said in a statement.

"With our Choc Churro Crazy Shake for example, we've combined three different desserts into one and with our Choc Lava Super Shake, we've added our most popular ever dessert, the Choc Lava Cake, into a Thickshake."

See what we mean about needing a lie down? Well wait. There's more.

"We're also launching ice-cream sandwiches and (for the brave) double ice-cream sandwiches, which combine all-natural ice-cream and a Dutch waffle," Mr Knight added.

It'd be rude not to at least try them, wouldn't it?

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