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Drunk Driver Who Ordered 200 Maccas Nuggets Has Day In Court

You may remember a while back hearing about a bloke who was totally smashed when he turned up at a Macca’s drive thru and tried to order an extremely large amount of chicken nuggets, just to be denied due to the breakfast menu being in action. 

When he was refused his precious nugs, he responded by hurling abuse at the staff saying, “I want my f*****g nuggets, I’m gonna f**k you up”, did four laps of the drive thru and purchased 200 hashbrowns instead.

Police were called to the scene and he blew an eye-watering reading of 0.175 on a breathalyser. That man, the living nugget legend, was identified as 30-year-old Kole Olsen. 

Olsen has now had his day in court at Hornsby Local Court and unbelievably claimed to be a vegan!


Quite unsurprisingly, Olsen entered a plea of guilty for high range drunk driving. He was fined $1000, had his license suspended for 9 months, and was slapped with a one-year good behaviour bond. 

All this drama and his nugget count still remains at zero!

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