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Ever Wanted To Smash Giant Chocolate Genitals?

Giant chocolate Genitals are now a thing.

Sydney based Chocolate Piñata specialists, Sweetly Smashed, have launched their 'Cheeki Chokkies' range and they're the perfect gift for your dirty minded friends.

They also serve as an excellent breakup coping mechanism. When you're upset, the go-to comfort food is usually chocolate, yeah? Now you can imagine yourself destroying your ex's privates so they can never get frisky with another person again. It's a sadistic sweet-tooth's dream. Just grab yourself some sort of smashing apparatus - be it a rolling pin, a hammer, or one of your ex's belongings - and you're set. 


It doesn't stop at the male appendage. There's also a neat range of female bits, in different shades!



Hit up Sweetly Smashed on Facebook if you're keen to get your hands on some delicious dirtiness.

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