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Parents Are Using $2 K-Mart Ice Cube Tray For Genius Reason

If you’re a parent, or someone that works - you’ll know that packing lunches is a chore - and a bore.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Is it kosher to bring six sandwich bags filled with different foods to work?

Should all the food in your kid’s lunchbox be meshing together?

The answer is no - and no.

But a genius parent has come up with a hack that’ll cost you between two and five dollars - and save you a whole lot of heartache.

Basically, after the hoopla surrounding the $89 vacuum cleaner that gave the Dyson a run for its money, there’s a lunchbox solution that’ll make the expensive lunchbox companies see red.


Basically, if you buy a $2 giant ice cube tray (which, by the way, is now only $1.50!!!!) and place it inside either a clip container (or tupperware container) you already own - or pick up from Kmart for $3 - you have your very own bento box.


People are going NUTS over this - and with good reason.

Get on board!

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