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Here's Where You Can Get $1 Hot Wings In Western Sydney

The weather may be getting cooler, but here's a way to keep some heat in your life.

Made By The Hill in Western Sydney have launched $1 Hot Wing Nights every Thursday from 6pm.

The wings are available in 3 spicy flavours, including Hot, Hotter or OMG (the hottest.)

The wings are drowned in a southern style seasoning and flour, and then fried until crispy. Each wing is then covered in a hot sauce of your choice... and coated to give you the right level of zing desired.

Scott Shaw, the head chef, says that the hot wings are a nod to the Nashville style.

"The famous Nashville hot chicken was created by a scorned woman after her man did her wrong one night. In revenge, the woman prepared his favourite chicken, except coated it in lashings of cayenne pepper to teach him a lesson. The chicken packed a punch but became a legendary southern culinary item as a result," he said.

If the hot wings aren't enough, Made By The Hill are also serving up the “Ring of Fire” burger featuring the Carolina Reaper (aka the world's hottest pepper). The Edge 96.1's very own Mike E tried to conquer the super hot burger in the studio. Click here to see how he coped!

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