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Australia's Weird Little Creme Egg Habit

Some scientists study climate change, others study Australia's biggest dating don'ts.

But the real MVPs of the lab are the ones who study chocolate and, you guys, we have some bizarre - and predictable - little habits when it comes to Cadbury Creme Eggs.

1. we love a creamy thursday

Australians' love for Creme Eggs peaks at 5.30pm on a Thursday. Yes, really; when y'all should be getting ready for dinner, you're smashing a cheeky chocolate instead.

We're choosing to think of it as starting the weekend a little early.

2. we can't stop

First insane fact: We ate 1.7 MILLION Creme Eggs last year. 

Second insane fact: We're on track to DOUBLE that number this year.

No word yet on how much busier dentists are expecting to be in 2017...


3. Westies love 'em bestie

So far, Western Australians are frothing the hardest on Creme Eggs, with nearly 10 per cent admitting to a love for the lollies.

Sounds like the rest of Australia have to pick up their game.

P.S. Now's probably as good a time as any to remind you that Oreo Creme Eggs do exist. You're welcome.

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