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KFC's New Pizza Is ALL Chicken, Including The Crust!

KFC have really been lifting their game when it comes to new ways to get us to enjoy their finger lickin' goodness!

First their was the famous double down burger, where instead of using a hamburger bun, they replaced the bread, with of course, chicken...

NOW, they've decided to move into the world of pizza making, and of course they've upped the ante!

Presenting the 'Chizza' KFC's pizza uses fried chicken as the crust which is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, pineapple and covered with KFC’s “special cheese sauce.”



The Chizza is shaped like a heart, which is ironic considering what eating one of these bad boys may actually do to your vital organs!

At the moment the Chizza is only available in the US, but hopefully we get the chance to try it out soon, are you hearing us Colonel???


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