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Kim Kardashian Has Revealed The Three Foods She Never Eats

It's not very often that we can claim to be like Kim Kardashian West but it turns out that all the fame and money in the world can't save you from shit food.

The reality star was having a slightly lighter-than-usual moment on the most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and, in between gossiping about ex-brother-in-law Scott Disick, can be seen tucking into one of those iconic salads the whole family love so much.

Suddenly - and seemingly out of nowhere - Kim decides to let her mum know what foods she never eats, an admission that has us nodding in agreement but has Kris genuinely puzzled.

"These are the things I hate in life," Kim announces. "Mustard, cilantro and blue cheese."

(Cilantro is coriander, by the way.)

While Kris accepts the first two, she cannot wrap her head around the blue cheese thing.

"Who hates blue cheese?" she asks before answering herself: "Nobody."

As we recently discovered, there is a very very good reason why Kim doesn't like coriander; like 40 per cent of the population, she probably tastes soap when she's tricked into eating the divisive herb.

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