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Maccas Have Launched A Big Mac BLT

If there's a way to upgrade any kind of burger, it's either add cheese or add bacon.

And considering the Big Mac already has ample cheesy goodness, Maccas have decided to release a limited edition Big Mac BLT.

The new product has been launched today from 10:30 until midnight and will be on the menu throughout Summer. 


Get. In. Mah. Belleh!

Maccas are also adding fan favourite 'sweet mustard dipping sauce' to the menu permanently, which we can totally get around. 

Bacon in the burger and some dipping sauce for the chips. 

Elevating our Maccas experience for Summer!

“To help customers go full summer as the temperature rises, we’re pairing our iconic Big Mac with an Aussie favourite - the BLT - to serve up one of our classics with a twist," Jo Feeney, Director of Marketing, McDonald's Australia said.

"The Big Mac BLT is a Big Mac just as our customers know it, with the addition of fresh tomatoes and tasty bacon!

“We know Australians love to try new takes on our classic menu items, and I’m sure the Big Mac BLT is going to be a hit.

"It’s definitely going to be a favourite of mine this Summer.”

 The new menu items will be available in store and also on UberEats. 

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