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McDonald's Workers Reveal Clever Hacks To Save Money

As well as dishing up hangover-saving cheeseburgers, joy-bringing chicken nuggets and always nostalgic Happy Meals, former McDonald's staff are on a mission to make sure you're getting the freshest food, every time.

Ex-Golden Arches employees are 'fessing up about easy order changes you can make that'll require workers to give you straight-off-the-cooker meals; asking for a burger without one of the stated ingredients, for example, will mean staff have to make you a fresh one, rather than one that's been sitting under the heat lamp.

Ordering unsalted fries will also ensure just-cooked chips, while asking for a receipt can give employees the impression that you're a secret shopper and need extra-quick, extra-fresh food.

The insider knowledge was shared by McDonald's alumni on question-and-answer site Quora, and was a wealth of information.

"Adults can still order the Happy Meals," Julie Park revealed. "I think the Chicken McNugget Happy Meal is pretty good value."

Another user posted: "My favourite hack is, if you like Big Mac... Just order a McDouble, but without ketchup/ mustard, with Mac sauce and lettuce.

"It'll be the same minus the middle bun."

But perhaps the cheekiest McDonald's hack came from an anonymous employee in the UK.

"When you buy a hot drink, you can ask for a free refill once," they confessed. "If you want to buy a promotional hot drink which costs more than [usual], then just buy any hot drink (hot chocolate, latte, white coffee), whichever is the cheapest, drink it and then ask them for a refill.

"They will ask you what drink you want... Just say the name of the promotional drink."


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