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Nutella Pasta Is A Real, Delicious Thing And I Just Died

If your pasta cravings and Nutella obsession are real, it can be hard to satisfy good cravings in one sitting, how do you combine the two without packing on mass kilos with two big meals?

Nutella pasta, that’s how.

All part of World Pasta Day on Wednesday Oct 25, Nutella pasta was created for the truly committed Nutella fans by the team at Carosello, an Italian restaurant in Melbourne.

The ‘pasta’ is actually made out of long ribbons of chocolate smothered in Frangelico-spiked Nutella - so you better book a cab.


The dish is then finished with fresh raspberries, slivered almonds, a fine shaving of white chocolate ‘parmesan’ and a mint leaf.

For those luckily enough to live nearby, or who want to make the trip to Melbourne - because, why not?


Carosello’s Nutella Pasta is available from Tuesday, 24 to Sunday, 29 October.

Source: Food To Love

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