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One Xmas Table Essential Has Gone DOWN In Price This Year!

We’re under a month away from Christmas, and boy oh boy has it been a rollercoaster getting here.

Mixed in amongst the excitement of Christmas, are a few hurdles that might hurt the hip pocket of some Aussies.

Prawns going up to $50 a kilo might be part of that - it’s not the cheery $30 a kilo we’re use to scoring at the fish markets on Christmas Eve.

What might make things a little easier to swallow, pardon the pun, is that sweet juicy beautiful cherries are set to plummet to $16 a kilo, just in time for Christmas.


It’s all due to a bumper season for fruit growers, which has seen cherry prices drop by at least $4.

This means not only will prices we lower, the fruit will be plumper and juicier, with an all round better quality of fruit to choose from.

They’re expecting 18,000 TONNES of cherries in time for Christmas, usually, we get 15,000 tonnes. Last year, by comparison, cherries were around $20 per kilogram.

Source: Daily Mail

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