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One Of Australia’s BIGGEST Brands Is About To Disappear

Sydney food shoppers, we are truly about to suffer a big, BIG loss.

It seems that one of our beloved brands, one we grew up with, is being taken away from us. Yep, reports say Kraft is about to be phased out.

Around for more than 90 years, despite being a brand born in Chicago, many Aussies would have grown up eating Kraft product, from Kraft Singles, to Vegemite.

However, despite being worst $12 billion globally according to Forbes, by the end of the year, ‘Kraft’ as we know it, will have disappeared from Australia and New Zealand all together.

Now, the products themselves will remain, but the historic ‘Kraft’ name will indeed be sidelined. This month, you may have noticed Kraft Singles was replaced by UK brand, ‘Dairylea Slices’.


Soon, you’ll stop seeing ‘Kraft’ on peanut butter, instead seeing ‘The Good Nut’ spreads.

Killing off Kraft was never the plan. In fact, the name has fallen victim to a complex series of takeovers and demergers that has left Kraft’s products in the bizarre position that — in Australia at least— they are no longer even owned by Kraft, according to a report on

We’ll miss you, sweet Kraft.


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