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A Desserts Coming To Night Noodle Markets Looks INSANE

October 5 is a very special day in Sydney, as the Night Noodle markets in Hyde Park kicks off.

Each year Sydney’s best eateries wow us with incredible creations they put together for the 18 evenings of food incredibleness.

And this year we’ve had a very insightful sneak peek into something gelato Gods, Messina, are offering.

Aunty Tomsu’s Cheesecake is basically strawberry EVERYTHING - and is seriously scrumptious. Japanese cheesecake, strawberry and cherry blossom cream, strawberry meringue, fresh strawberries and strawberry gelato mixed together in a cup.


You might think this is a strawberry overload, but after tasting it, I can safely say… it’s not. It’s glorious.

We were sent the ingredients and put it all together, and woah - there were actual in-office fights about who should get one.

I mean, not REAL fights, just a stampede and some whinging and pouting from those who missed out, #sorrynotsorry.

Get there early, we have a feeling the line is going to be loooong.

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