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Parramatta Lanes Festival Is Back For Another Year!

The best food event in the west is back for another year and it kicks off tonight!

Parramatta Lanes Festival is taking over 12 of Parramatta CBD's hidden spaces and, you've guessed it, laneways for four days of eating, drinking and art.

The award-winning festival runs from October 10 to 13 and this year boasts more than 50 food stalls and five licensed areas with firm favourites like Burger Project and 2 Smoking Barrels lining up alongside Punjabi Fusion and Billu's.

This year, each of the laneways will have its own theme - ranging from "Arcade Jam" to "Bombay Beats" - and incredible live music, performances and art installations to truly make it a feast for the senses.

If you need more information or, like us, you love to plan where and what you're going to eat before you leave the house, check out Parramatta Lanes.

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