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Spaghetti Donuts Are Now A Thing

Have you ever wanted to be able to eat pasta on the go?

Well, probably not, but you'll want to now that some crafty chef has created...the spaghetti donut!

These tempting looking treats were invented by a Brooklyn-based eatery called Pop Pasta.

delivering a box...#spaghettidonut #theoriginalspaghettidonut #pastaonthego #smorg2017

Pasta Pop owner Luigi FiorentinoA post shared by pop_pasta (@pop_pasta) on

Pasta Pop owner Luigi Fiorentino told So Bad So Good that: “In the Neapolitan tradition the spaghetti pie is a dish prepared with pasta leftovers combined with eggs and cheese and then fried,”

Their Donuts flavors include red sauce, carbonara, bolognese, aglio e olio, as well as zucchini!

They looked weirdly tempting, let's hope someone here can start whipping them up for us here in Australia soon!


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