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Sydney, Are You Ready For Beer Week???

If you are partial to enjoying the odd drop of amber nectar then do we have some great news for you!

Starting today and running until October 29, it's now officially Sydney Beer WEEK!

But what exactly does this mean and can you start drinking beer for breakfast?

Well, we ALWAYS recommend drinking alchol responsibly, so that's a MASSIVE no.

But, we do encourage you to enjoy all the festivities that start tonight at the Maritime Museum with an opening gala that will give you the chance to sample from over THIRTY different breweries.

From then on there is a stack of events all over the city including Geese N Cheese, which highlights the wonders of fermentation with beer and cheese, there is also a craft beer harbour cruise, you can tour some of Sydney boutique breweries, there are some amazing sounding Sunday sessions planned AND even a hair of the dog breakfast!

(This is the one time it's OK for you to drink in the morning!)

For info on these and a whole heap more beer-related fun visit: 


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