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Sydney Is Hosting A HUGE Wine Festival On An Island

Who wouldn't love an event completely dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in wine selections? A crazy person that's who!

Wine Island 2017 is on it's way to Sydney with an array of local and international wineries in tow.

They are dedicated to bringing you over 100 new wave and classic wine options, all while allowing you to relax on a luxurious and exclusive island!

And if all of that isn't already AH-MAZING enough, the weekend event also supplies gourmet food, masterclasses, treasure hunts and all of the latest hits in music.

It all takes place from Friday 10th November until Sunday 12th November 2017, on Sydney Harbour's Clark Island.

If you're thinking, "where on earth do I sign up?", you can visit their facebook event here.

Tickets aren't on sale yet BUT, be sure to be ready when they are because they will sell out fast!

See you there wine lovers!

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