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The Best Spots In Sydney For Yummy Mulled Wine This Winter

While we're not overly keen about winter, there are SOME good things about this time of year!

We do love snuggling under the doona, sitting by a warm log fire PLUS the cooler weather also gives us the chance to update our winter wardrobe!

And one of the best things winter? 

Mulled wine!

We've found some of the best spots in Sydney that serve the yummy winter treat that puts the glow in your cheeks and is growing in popularity in Australia every year.

The Winery - 285a Crown St, Surry Hills

With prices between $10-$14 they offer specialty red mulled wines as well as Hendrick’s mulled wine.

Della Hyde - 34 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

Starting at $8 they have also created a Mulled Wine Daiquiri for $18


Small Bar - 48 Erskine Street, Sydney

Served in a glass with an orange slice as garnish and filled with spices such as cinnamon, Small Bar’s mulled wine is $8.50 a glass.

Since I Left You - 338 Kent Street, Sydney

For $10 you get a hot glass of spicy mulled wine to enjoy under the bars outdoor heaters. 

The Duck Inn Pub & Kitchen - 74 Rose Street, Chippendale

Here you'll find mulled wine at $8.50 with all the classic cloves, as well as aniseed and orange.


Parsons Bar Parsons - 3 Kellett Street, Potts Point

This bar offer mulled cider including non-alcoholic cider for $8 as well as a delicious glass of mulled cider with a shot of rum for $12.

Grandma’s - 275 Clarence Street, Sydney

This bar in Sydney’s CBD serves mulled wine in a mug featuring spices and grilled pineapple for $12. 

The Commons - 32 Burton St. Darlinghurst

Served in a little enamel cup, The Commons have the perfect mulled wine – cinnamon, orange, star anise and more.

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