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Why Your Pizza Comes With That Little White Piece Of Plastic

Remember the last time you ordered a takeaway pizza and you flicked that little white plastic thingy into the bin?

Well, do we have news for you - that little white plastic thingy has got a pretty amazing purpose, and a name too!

It is called the 'Pizza Saver', and it's sole purpose is stopping the pizza box lid from messing up your perfect cheesy pizza top.


The pizza saver was patented in 1985, and invented by a pizza loving New York mother, Carmela Vitale.

The science behind why we need the Pizza Saver, is all about condensation. Since the pizza is so hot when it is placed into the often flimsy cardboard, it causes the pizza box lid to sag, and make contact with the top of the pizza, thus completely ruining your dinner, and night.


The Pizza Saver can resist temperatures as high as 260°C and is now widely used, all around the world.

Good on ya, Carmela!

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