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The Secret To KFC's Incredible Gravy Has Been Revealed

EVERYONE knows that the world's best hangover cure is KFC chips and gravy - bonus points if you can chuck some popcorn chicken in as well.

But recently there has been a bit of a to-do about how that delicious giver-of-life is made, with claims that five-day-old chicken was used in the process.

Of course, anyone who has made their own gravy knows that using homemade chicken stock and those crispy bits at the bottom of the roasting tin make the best sauce, and a former KFC employee has confirmed that the Colonel's technique isn't that different, actually.

"There are two types of gravy," the anonymous ex-worker told Unilad. "One of them is just powder and water, mixed together with love and banged into the microwave for 12 minutes.

"And the 'good gravy' is a different powder and water with a thing they called crackling, it was basically the bits of chicken that gets filtered through the oil after a cook."

Thankfully, they also revealed that "everything was above board in terms of cleanliness and adhering to due dates etc." which means we can continue to enjoy the best bloody gravy this side of, well, anywhere really.


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