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The Weirdest Foods You Can Get At This Year’s Easter Show

For most Sydneysiders the Royal Easter Show is the penultimate day out (second only to an origin decider or NRL grand final perhaps). Each year the show brings us our tried and tested favourites – the animal walk, the district displays, the woodchopping and the world famous showbag hall. When it comes to the food however, we’re surprised year after year with a selection of new, weird but totally wonderful food options. Among the fresh lemonade, dagwood dog and fairy floss stands at this year’s show you can find a variety of unique, completely delicious and certainly not diet-friendly foods. Here are our top three picks…

1)     Deep fried oreo

It’s the dessert we didn’t know we needed and cannot recommend enough. You can find yourself some deep fried oreos just outside the woodchopping arena and for $7 you can chow down on FIVE of these bad boys. Each oreo is covered in a batter, deep fried then sprinkled with chocolate sauce and icing sugar. So, they’re pretty much HEAVEN.

2)     Cheeseburger pie

cheeseburger pie

This genius hybrid combines America’s signature dish with an Aussie favourite to bring you a delicacy that is just as tasty as you’d expect. It’s essentially a pie filled with everything you’d find on a cheeseburger, sans bun. You can order one fresh inside the Woolworths food farm (which is a stop on the animal walk). It’ll set you back $6.50 but it’s totally worth it.

3)     Lasagne on a stick

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It may be shaped like an icecream but don’t be fooled – this Easter Show treat is less Golden Gaytime and more Italian dinner time. The team at Artisan Pasta Espresso are the geniuses behind this culinary creation which consists of a regular slab of lasagne that’s been frozen, crumbed and deep-fried. At $7, it’s a bargain!

Don’t’ forget you can also check out Jonesy & Amanda’s Pie Hole where you can choose to try Jonesy’s Breakfast Pie or Amanda’s Roast Pie Of The Day! Find them right next to the Cattle Experience.

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