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There Is A BOTTOMLESS Rose Lunch Coming To Sydney

Looking for somewhere to go with the girls for a night of fun? Yeah, us too.

So when we heard that Neutral Bay haunt SoCal, a hidden little treasure trove of Mexican joy, with decor that reflects the sunny state of California, was doing a BOTTOMLESS rosé lunch - well, we were VERY INTERESTED.

Every week, from Friday - Sunday, SoCal will be putting on a ‘Bottomless Rosé Lunch’.


For $65 smackers, you get a delicious selection of dishes, including tapioca cheese board, smoked corn and cheese croquettes, snapper ceviche and charred jerk chicken, just to name a few. You guessed it, you also get BOTTOMLESS rosé!


12pm-4pm Friday - Sunday, Tue 13th June, 2017 – Fri 1st September, 2017.

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