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There Is Something Very Wrong With This Rainbow Paddle Pop

We don't want to alarm you, but it's time to be alarmed, especially if this picture is anything to go by.

Remember the Rainbow Paddle Pop?

The rainbow-coloured toffee/caramel/honeycomby-tasting icecream which, in some cases, defined childhoods.

Reddit user @smiledude, however, has horrified everyone with this recently-uploaded picture...


The caption read: "I remember when Rainbow Paddle Pops were swirled ice cream and not just yellow with purple on the outside. What happened Streets?"

The response has been mixed.

"Wait, WTF," said @bedbuds.

"The Cornetto another Unilever brand under Streets is made in Indonesia now and tastes like garbage (soggy cone, "chocolate sauce" that looks and tastes like mud and watery weird icecream), many of the Streets ice creams are made in China as well. They are running so many brands quality into the ground to maximize profit," @KommodoreAU responded.

The thread also brought up the possibility that the Paddle Pop could've slightly melted and refroze after some ingredient separation.

Either that or it really is the beginning of the end for the Rainbow Paddle Pop as we know it.

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