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There’s ACTUAL Poo In The Ice At Three Major Coffee Chains

Running down the street to the local cafe every morning for a freshly brewed coffee is pretty much a routine for most people working that daily grind.

Whether it's a piccolo, soy latte, or even an iced coffee on those boiling hot summer days, there's no doubt that it's pretty much impossible to get through the day without a cup of liquid gold.

(And if you can, well hats off to you and your strong will power)

BUT after reading this latest study, I think I'm going to have to change my daily routine...and you might want to think about doing the same!

It appears that an alarming amount of *gulp* FAECAL BACTERIA has been found in the ice at THREE major coffee chains.

Now okay before you vom back into your cup, a little bit of relief is the fact that it has only been discovered in the UK so far with the coffee chains being Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Caffe Nero.

Samples were taken of different iced drinks sold at the respective chains when the disgusting discovery of a bacteria known as 'faecal coliforms'.

Researchers from a BBC Watchdog investigation made the discovery after visiting stores in Salford where they tested swabs from tables, trays, high chairs and ice cubes.

The shocking revelation was that three out of ten samples from Starbucks and Caffe Nero stores were contaminated with the bacteria.

Even worse than that, Costa Coffee chains received a disgustingly high seven out of ten samples with a positive confirmation.

Now of course this was only tested in a small sample of cafes in the UK, but who's to say this isn't happening down here is Oz?

And if it is, well the health repercussions are pretty concerning! Diseases that are linked to faecal coliform contamination can include ear infections, viral and bacterial gastroenteritis and hepatitis A.

Tony Lewis, an expert from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has spoken out about the matter saying,

"These [faecal coliforms] should not be found at any level - never mind the significant numbers found."

Since this study was made public, the affected chains have pledged to make moves to address this issue with extra training on essential hygiene standards and ice handling guidelines.

We apologise if this story leaves any coffee drinkers out there feeling deeply distressed!

At least it's winter and we don't really have to worry about drinking frappuccinos until the weather starts heating up again... Always look on the bright side of life I guess.

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