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These HJs, Macca's Burgers Are 'Healthier' Than Gourmet Ones

If you’re watching your kilojoule intake, you might want to rethink that delicious, ‘healthy’ gourmet burger.

Consumer advocate Choice looked at 40 delicious, juicy burgers from chains Grill’d and Burger Edge.

They also used McDonald's and Hungry Jacks burgers as a comparison.

In a list of 40 burgers, the burger with the highest kilojoule count is The Mighty by Grill’d, complete with a low-carb bun.

In second place, with a big 3500 kilojoules, was Burger Edge’s The Okker.

The vegetarian options are just as kilojoule-heavy. Burger Edge’s Veggie Patch (with a wholemeal bun) came in at 3010 - 11th place. The white bun option was actually 50kJ’s less.


The Hungry Jack’s Whopper (2900kJ) doesn’t make an appearance until 15th place.

At 2180KJ, McDonald’s Big Mac takes 33rd place.

Quick breakdown 

1. Grill'd The Mighty (low carb bun) - 3508kJ

2. Burger Edge the Okker (wholemeal bun) - 3500kJ

3. Burger Edge the Okker (white bun) - 3460kJ

4. Grill'd The Mighty (traditional bun) -3260kJ

5. Burger Edge Meat Lover (wholemeal bun) - 3250kJ

So what are the ‘healthier’ options?

From the study, Choice found that at 1830kJ, Burger Edge’s Bombay Bash was the better option, as was the Grill’d Sweet Chilli Chicken at 1920kJ.

For comparison, McDonald's McChicken Burger has 1810kJ and Hungry Jack's Grilled Chicken Classic weighs in at 1550kJ.

Obviously, you might want some more detailed information, like sugar and sodium levels, so the full report is here.

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