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THIS Is The Item Returned MOST After Christmas

If you’re attempting to start the Christmas gift spending spree, you want to be armed with this information.

According to new research by GiftNow, fifty-four per cent of all holiday gifts were exchanged or altered last year - meaning more likely than not, whatever you buy is going to end up exactly where it came from.

So, what was returned more than anything else?

Edible gifts.

Lollies, gum and chocolate are returned more than any other gifts, when talking about adults.


With toddler clothes and jumpers rating second and third when it comes to most altered gifts.

Not returned for money or vouchers, but traded in for size or colour swaps. For guys, it was dress shirts and athletic apparel that saw the most exchanges.

If you want to avoid this trap for young players, try one of these: The least returned gifts for women are watches, fine jewellery (necklaces and pendants, in particular) and anti-aging skincare.

The least returned gifts for men are ties, wallets, and (surprise!) anti-aging skincare.

I am so educated.

Source: People

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