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Here's Where You Find The Best Nutella Desserts In Sydney

Do you know what the only thing better than the weekend is? A weekend smothered in Nutella.

And since we're firmly in the treat yo'self camp over here, we're encouraging - nay, demanding - you check one of these bad boys out.

Pasticceria Papa

Take your pick of locations - Bondi Beach or Haberfield - and get busy with the Nutella cheesecake. Think creamy baked ricotta atop a light-as-a-feather short pastry filled with sneaky pockets of Nutella. It's everything you want and more.


No surprise here, but Zumbo has taken your favourite hazelnut chocolate spread and made a macaron out of it - and it's as good as you're imagining. While you're there, actually, grab a fairy bread macaron too. Day made.


Head to Brighton Le-sands and get all up in their mouthwatering Nutella scrolls. The added bonus of vanilla ice-cream, crispy chocolate pearls and whatever topping your chocolate-loving heart desires will have your tastebuds crying with joy. 


Whoever decided you could eat Nutella on pizza deserves a whopping great medal. A big one. Very shiny. Via Napoli's Nutella pizza is a metre long and so divine. You can thank us later.


Babka gets an upgrade at this Marrickville bagel joint; it's sticky, it's sweet, and you'll be drowning in Nutella by the end. Not for sharing.


As if we were going to talk about Nutella desserts without getting Tella Balls involved. You're on to a winner with basically anything on the menu, but if we had to pick a favourite, it's the Tellabab. It's a kebab, but sweet. We know. Why are you still reading this? Hustle.


And we saved the best for last. Trust us when we say that you're going to want to a) head here with an empty stomach and b) have a lie down afterwards. But the Ice Breaker Tellashake is literally that good: Nutella milkshake in a hefty mason jar, with a nutella doughnut ball sitting pretty on top and enough praline ice-cream to make your dentist wince. Of course, you COULD take your SO and share it in a totes cute, sickly sweet way...

Or not.

Image via Tella Balls Dessert Bar

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