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This Part Of Your Dinner Could Be Giving You Cancer

A new study has revealed crispier potatoes increase our risk of cancer. 

Sadly, that extra crunch that we all love so much, is actually really, seriously bad for us. 

The study, done by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the British Governments food safety watchdog, released evidence that toast and roast potatoes that are 'crispy' contact high levels of cancer causing chemicals. 

The study investigated the amount of acrylamide (a cancer causing toxin) in foods such as roast potatoes, chips and toast. 

This toxin is formed when a good is subjected to temperatures above 120C because of a reaction between amino acids, sugar and water that are found in bread and potatoes. 

Unfortunately, the research suggests that roast potatoes and chips need to be cooked only to a 'light golden colour' and bread should only be toasted to the 'lightest colour acceptable'. 

This means, the crisper the potato, chip or toast, the higher risk you have of consuming cancer causing toxins. 

Looks like we'll be boiling our potatoes tonight! 

Source: Daily Telegraph 

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