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This Tomato Sauce Hack Is Legitimately Changing Lives

You may have heard of a guy called CrazyRussianHacker - and no name has ever been more apt.

Today, he’s bringing us a hack for those ‘ketchup fiends’ out there, who are constantly filling up those little paper tubs with tomato sauce or mustard - but always find themselves having to go back for more.

Blame the fries-to-sauce ratio, blame your insatiable appetite for condiments, blame what you like, the point is, we’ve been missing a major trick.

As CrazyRussianHacker points out, instead of grabbing 2-3 cups and filling them with sauce, simply taking one and unfolding every second or third crease gives you literally TWICE the sauce-holding volume. It’s quite extraordinary.

Thank you CrazyRussianHacker, thank you.

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