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Time To Panic: World Wide Tequila Shortage On The Way

Do you love a good margarita? Is your go to shot paired with some salt and a lime on a night out?

Well boy do we have some bad news for you because according to experts, we’re heading into a world wide tequila shortage!! We officially give you permission to panic!

Apparently the world is running out of the spirit due to a shortage of the plant Agave, which is used to make Tequila.

The plant takes around 10 years to mature to the perfect size for tequila creation and due to a lack of availability of Agave, growers have been forced to harvest the plant at a much younger age.

These smaller plants create less tequila than a mature plant and therefore as a result, even more plants have to be plucked early.

This is all a little bit technical for us, but basically less Agave plants means less tequila and the result is that the world is edging closer and closer to a complete shortage of the spirit that we all know and love.

Experts are said to have begun putting planting strategies in place in order to end the plant shortage, however, as Agave plants take so long to reach the ideal state, it’ll be years before growers start to see any real effect.

The price of Agave has also increased over the years due to the shortage and of course as a result, the price of tequila is also expected to sky rocket.

While people can still get their hands on it that is…

So take this as a warning tequila lovers. Head down to your nearest liquor store and stock up as much as you can before it’s gone from the shelves completely!

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