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They're Serving Lasagne On A Stick At The Easter Show

One of the best bits about the Royal Easter Show is sampling all of the foods available on a stick, but with the spiral delight that is chips-on-a-stick becoming such a mainstream staple at most sporting and entertainment events, it felt like this was the year to step things up a little.

And boy-oh-boy have Artisan Pasta Espresso in Potts Point managed to pull that one off; after show organisers asked owner Antonio Sabia to come up with something fun and exciting to offer at his stall, he produced lasagne on a stick.

And our lives will forever be the better for it.

"We... managed to get it right the first go," Mr Sabia told The Daily Telegraph. "it's a normal lasagne in a tray, we then freeze it and then slice it into portions.

"We then put egg mix over it and add two type of breadcrumbs before we refreeze it again.

"Then we crumb it and deep fry it."

The result looks something like a Golden Gaytime and will be available for the duration of the Easter Show, which runs from April 6 to April 19, for just $7.

We'll take 10, please.

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