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Woolworths Have Made A HUGE Change To Make Life Easier

Supermarket giant Woolworths have made a big policy change.

All prices in their stores will now end in zero, to allow customers to spend and not receive as much change.

Woolworths director of buying and merchandise Steve Donohue said the pricing policy was to make shopping a whole lot easier.

'The prices are not all rounded up or rounded down, it's about hitting the right number,' he told The Sydney Morning Herald.

The change has already happened to all fresh produce and dry grocery items, with all prices end in 9, now ending in 5.

'I haven't seen the psychology report on the matter, but there is a lot more simplicity in pricing in retail now,' Mr Donohue said.

He said round prices would make it easier for customers to compare prices and budget.

'Rounded pricing is not a formal program as such, but we know pricing this way makes budgeting simpler for the customer,' Mr Donohue said.

It could be the end of the 5 cent coin!

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