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10 Sex Things EVERYONE Worries About

During the, erm... 'act', we're supposed to be thinking about how sexy this whole scenario is, and making our way steadily with the help of our partner to O-town.

At least, that's what the movies teach us.

The reality is, there are a whole list of things that occupy our minds that aren't in the least bit sexy, and needless to say, they can be a hurdle in the bid to reach our destination.

Check out 10 sex things that everyone worries about:


#1: Over-sweating - there's a distinct difference between a sexy gleam and beads of sweat on your forehead, legs and even 'down there'.

#2: What your 'O' face looks like - it's definitely not as hot as Mila Kunis in Friends With Benefits.

#3: The threat of the accidental fart - we've all been there and we've ALL pretended it never happened and resorted back to trying to look sexy with our leg in the air.

#4: Cramping up at the wrong moment - especially if you're into any acrobatic maneouvers.

#5: If you're taking too long to reach your destination - and the realisation of this just prolongs it even more.

#6: If THEY'RE taking too long - at which time your body becomes incredibly tired and less interested in getting your partner there.

#7: What your butthole looks like - we all wonder.

#8: If your body hair looks weird - is it too 'full', does he like it completely bald? Or am I reminding him of a newborn with no hair? Eww!

#9: Heavy breathing - there's sexy huffs and then there's wheezing smoker breathing.

#10: If your partner notices you just zoned out - only for a minute though. The sex is SO good, really!

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