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7 Reasons Why Menstrual Cups Are way Better Than Tampons

When you talk to your girlfriends, or take part in a period-related quiz (as if you haven't), one questions always reigns supreme: are you a pads or a tampon girl?

My question is, are you a menstrual cup girl?

Not sure what I'm talking about? Well, menstrual cups have been described as the 'Kale' of the period world.

Why? They're good for you and for the environment, just not all that amazing to talk about/consume. The kale I mean.

So, what are the reasons you'll be tossing the tampons and coming to terms with using the cup?

Read on and see...

#1: It only needs to be changed once every 10 HOURS

Seriously, you can keep a cup in all day without having to nip to the bathroom to change it every two hours, or everytime you pee.

#2: It's leak-resistant

The cup fits so snuggly that there's no chance of a murder scene on your favourite skirt. It creates a seal that Aunt Rose just can't break through!

#3: It's GOOD for your vagina

During menstruation, hormonal changes ironically can make us feel a little dry 'down there'. Tampons with all of their feathery, absorbent qualities can make this even worse. Especially as you wince while pulling out a tampon that feels 'stuck' in there. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about! As a menstrual cup is made from silicone rather than cotton, it's less likely to feel 'stuck' and cuts down on irritation as it can be changed less often.

#4: You won't feel self conscious if you find yourself getting kinda' intimate with a fella

No more worries about him accidentally coming across a string, or getting his hand covered in, erm... anything. There's even a menstrual cup that you can use while having sex!

#5: You don't need to remember to pack an extra (or an extra four or five)

You only need to change this baby once every 10 hours, so taking it out and rinsing is a breeze. No more makeshift pads made out of toilet paper for us!


Yep, the silicone fits snuggly in there, meaning that it doesn't feel like you have a big funnel shoved up there, despite what you're imagining.

#7: The mother of all reasons: It DOESN'T get pushed out when you poop

According to, and their willing trialler, the cup doesn't budge when you're, you know... doing a number two. Yippee!

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