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Adriana Limas Bedtime Snack That Burns Calories In Her Sleep

Adriana Lima is one of the most beautiful and successful models around. Last year in December she walked the Victoria's Secret runway at the age of 35, and of course, is still looking absolutely stunning.

So how does the Brazilian beauty keep her incredibly toned body in check?

According to the NYpost, her food philosophy is all about consistency: "Consistency is very important when it comes to eating, I eat six meals a day and work out at least six days a week doing mostly boxing."

But she also has one secret daily weapon that helps her to burn calories even while she's asleep, and that's buckwheat.

"I'll mix [buckwheat] with hemp milk and honey, and I’ll eat it hot or cold depending on how I feel," she says. "Eating buckwheat before bedtime actually helps you burn calories while you sleep."

According to Lima, her buckwheat smoothie is packed with protein and can help satisfy cravings for sweets and boost the metabolism.

Besides the buckwheat, her daily food consumption also includes a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, a piece of fruit for a mid-morning snack, chicken or fish with Japanese yams and quinoa for lunch, raw almonds, raw cashews and dried cranberries and the same chicken or fish with Japanese yams and quinoa for an early dinner.

There's no denying whatever she's doing is totally working...

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