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Apparently This Is the Most Common Sexual Fetish of Them All

According to retired dominatrix Jenny Nordbak, the most sexual fetish is a foot fetish.

She told the Daily Star Online “Tonnes of people have a foot fetish– there’s a whole spectrum.

“For some guys, it’s perfectly manicured clean feet and for others, it’s stinky, dirty feet. Some want feet that are smashing something, or popping bubble wrap or in a certain kind of shoe.

“There is a broad range of fetishes that fall under it. Usually, it’s a foot massage, we called it “foot worship”, so I would get paid to have a foot massage for an hour.”

She continued: “Humiliation was an interesting one. It works differently for different men. Some men want to be worshipping your feet while you say degrading things to them, others are straight men who like to be forced to cross dress, sissification is what that’s called. You’re making them 'sissies'.”

The 29-year-old said men dressing up as women were common as they’ve “got a curiosity about the feminine look”.

She added that she came across fetishes that “defied categories”.

“There are a number of men who have a fixation of air being let out of things. So if you stab a pool inflatable and the air starts leaking out of it – that’s their fetish.

“Lot’s of men are into fantasy wrestling, they want a woman to conquer them and wrap their thighs around his head and smother them. Some of those guys would tell me about early childhood incidents where girls had done that to them and ever since then they had fixated on that. I can kind of see where those came from, but how do you decide that air being let out of a pool float is a sexual thing for you?”

Jenny revealed she was only ever uncomfortable with someone’s fetish when it was something disgusting, like men who were being made to lick a broom, the ground or an ashtray – or they wanted to be forced to clean a toilet.

“I always tried to find a way to pretend they were doing these things without them having to be hospitalised because it made them sick.”

Jenny spent a year working as a dominant and submissive in a sex dungeon in LA.

Source: The Daily Star

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