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Benefit Are Giving Away FREE Brow Waxes From Next Monday!

Who knew, growing up, that one day eyebrows would be this important to us?

Luckily the geniuses at Benefit believe in your brows just as much as you do and are celebrating National Brow Day (since when is this a thing, by the way?) next Monday with FREE waxing for customers.

Oh yes, dear friends, you can rock up to a Benefit BrowBar in any Myer around the country and whisper a top secret code to nab yourself a grooming like no other.

What's the password, you say? Grab your phone and type this into your Notes app: "My brows need me".

Got it? Good.

As with any giveaway this mint, there is a product limit of 2,000 free brow waxes.

And since that number is divided up across the whole of Australia, it truly is going to be a first in, first served deal.

We'd thoroughly recommend following Benefit Australia's Instagram for more details/ the eyebrow inspiration you've been dreaming of.

Happy waxing!

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