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Video Shows Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Shampoos

Get ready to chuck out pretty much everything you've got lurking in your shower, guys, because we've got a video that will fascinate and horrify you in equal measure.

An American hairdresser conducted her "own little experiment" to show how vital using the right shampoo for your hair can really be; Rachel Trach dissolved some $32 hair product into one glass of water, and $10 TreSemmé into another.

She then swirled two strands of hair extensions, both coloured purple, through the water - and the difference is startling.

While the water in the expensive glass only colours slightly, the cheaper brand strips a lot more dye from the hair, turning it a deep, deep purple.

Apart from the fact that that means your budget shampoo may be ruining your colour - and costing you more money in the long run, since you have to keep popping into the salon for touch-ups - it also suggests that it could be stripping more than just dye from your hair, causing long-term damage.

The video has been viewed more than six million times and has garnered thousands of comments, with many declaring that they'll never use a "drug store" shampoo again.

But, before you drop $30 on a shampoo, have a chat with your hairdresser; they'll be able to point you in the right direction.

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