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Five Eyebrow Fails That Will Hurt Your Actual Soul

Did you ever imagine, growing up, that one day eyebrows would be THIS important to you?

Us either; all we can say is thank GOD Instagram wasn't around during our teen years to capture how bloody awful we looked.

Unfortunately we can't say the same for these poor people.

We have no words, really.

The not-so-subtle fade

Everyone knows one of the main rules of filling in your eyebrows is to keep them soft to start.

Apparently this particular make-up artist just can't quite work out where that start should be; faded unibrows, anyone?


The featherbrow

Just because someone decides to send featherbrows down the runway at Paris Fashion Week does NOT mean they should be recreated for your Saturday morning brunch with the girls.


The hook

Apparently the caption on this photo was "resting poop face" and that's all we have to say on the matter really.


The overpluck

We can't work out whether they're pink contact lenses or whether she's painted her eyelids to look like eyes but the eyebrows certainly don't help matters.


the too far

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who fills in their eyebrows who hasn't had at least one occasion where they've sketched them out a little too... large.

So we were totally sympathetic to start with.


But now we're just concerned.


Be careful out there, guys.

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