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People Are Now Using Their iPhones To BLEND Their Make-up

Just incase you didn't know, there's an internet beauty trend going around at the moment where beauty bloggers are trying to reinvent the way we apply our foundation.

Now we're not just talking about beauty blenders or that silicon tear drop shaped sponge. Those things we could get on board with!

Makeup artists have literally been showing us how we can get flawless coverage using boiled eggs, condoms, bra padding...the weird and wacky list goes on.

And now there's apparently a new tool that we should be using BEFORE applying the foundation to our face in place of makeup palettes. Yep We are being told that we should now be mixing custom foundations on...OUR IPHONES!

According to Teen Vogue, there are beauty bloggers out there who are mixing their makeup on the back of their apple product and are claiming that it's a REALLY effective method!

(ummm... did no one tell them that our iphones apparently hold more germs than a toilet seat?...)

15-year-old Jake Warden is one of the first to try this new technique with Kiki from @spottedstyleblog also giving it a try, claiming that she cleaned her phone before hand (but still...ew!).

If you're willing to try this beauty "hack" we would definitely recommend you follow suit and use some strong cleaning products on that bad boy...or you know you could just use the back of your hand like the rest of us.

So what beauty hack will we see next? Are no household items safe anymore?

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