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FOUND: Job That Pays You To Try On Clothes

Calling all shopaholics: If finding the perfect outfit is your forte then we’ve found the ideal job for you.

Australian fashion retailer SABA is searching for male and female candidates to be their real-life mannequins and try on clothes for a living!

All you have to do is head into their offices for an average of four hours a week to try on their latest clothes and provide information on their fit and comfort level.

And yep they’re willing to pay you big bucks to do so! Not to mention you’ll receive a 50% discount on all of their clothing!

Absolutely no experience is required (though taking clothes on and off is kinda something everyone should know how to do) but you do have to fit their sizing measurements to apply.

More details on how to apply and the measurement requirements can be found on the job advertisement.

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