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Get Tipsy And Look HOT With Lip Gloss Made Of Wine

There's few things a lady loves more than looking hot and drinking wine. Okay, there's also chocolate and cheese but let's just focus on the first two for now - because this invention has combined the two perfectly!

Guessed it yet? We'll just tell you... there's a lip gloss that's made from wine, so basically you can get drunk and still look your best. Amazing right!

A Korean beauty company by the name of Labiotte has created the collection of wine-infused makeup that includes lipsticks, glosses and balms. The glosses come in six different grape-inspired colours, so you're sure to find a shade and a flavour to suit you perfectly, from lighter pinks to deeper shiraz reds.

The products also promise some anti-aging benefits, and include natural ingredients and extracts from red wine, if you needed any further tempting to flip that purse open right now.

So the next time someone asks you "what do you want for your birthday?"... no problem, thank us later.

h/t: Elite Daily

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