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Identical Twins with Cystic Acne Cleared It In 3 Days!

Nina and Randa Nelson are identical twins, they’re also Youtube personalities.

For years, both girls have suffered from severe acne, that has never been able to be treated with any number of topical treatments.


Eventually, specialists recommended the girls try controversial drug Accutane, but they didn’t want to go down that route, for fear of what they were putting in their body.


Instead they decided to change their diet, in a bid to better their skin.

According to a report on the Daily Mail, the 22-year-olds decided to adopt a vegan diet, that cuts out all fats from foods like avocados, nuts and soy milk - and saw results in just THREE DAYS.

They could not believe how much the change had altered their condition - and in such a short amount of time.

Dr. McDougall, a diet specialist, has written many updates about diet and how it can be linked to acne.


After reading his warnings about how fats of any kind could trigger acne, they realized they needed to cut fats and oils from their diet altogether.

'What Dr. McDougall said on his website about acne and excess fats made complete sense to us, so we tried it,' they explained.

The girls now avoid dairy and red meat, and adopt a strictly plant-based diet.

Their main meals consist of brown rice with vegetables, whole wheat and rice pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, condiments and various types of beans.


In order to maintain their weight, the girls also eat extra fruit, dried fruit, and regularly drink smoothies mixed with oats.

Now they’ve chosen to share their story with others that may be suffering.

If you suffer from cystic acne or any other condition, consult your GP.

Source: Daily Mail

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