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Mum Left Heartbroken After Nurse Dropped Her Premature Baby

The mother of premature twins, born early at 29 weeks has gone through a very traumatic ordeal.

As the twins were being cared for in a special care nursery, a specialty nurse dropped one of her babies on his head.

Not only that, but she didn’t inform the mum for more than five hours.

The baby was already struggling with medical issues and suffered a broken skull during the fall, Kidspot reports. 

Kelsey Bond, 20, mother to Keiran and his twin brother, Kayden, says she received a phone call at 8am to tell her a nurse who was caring for her premature son allegedly fell asleep at 3am while feeding him and woke to him crying on the floor. 


The babies were patients in a special-care nursery at Belleville General Hospital in the Canadian province of Ontario.

“I received a phone call saying that the nurse had fallen asleep feeding him,” Kelsey told The Intelligencer.

She said the call came from the department’s manager.

“She said she was sorry … and that a paediatrician had looked at him and said he was fine. 

“I was more or less in shock, so I didn’t really say anything,” she said.

“I just kinda hung up. My husband (Kyle Keller) was losing his mind.” 

Kelsey said that the hospital provided her a hospital document reporting a registered nurse “was feeding baby on her lap, and she fell asleep”.

“Next thing she noted baby on floor, baby possibly slid down from her lap but mechanism of fall is unclear; Keiran cried, no documented loss of consciousness … Assessed by the paediatrician on call after the fall and no abnormalities were noted.”

However believes he was harmed and said she noticed his head to be swollen.

“I had a gut feeling that everything wasn’t OK.

“It did look like his head was a little bit swollen and red on the left-hand side,” she said.

“We’ve already almost lost him once.”


The parents demanded Keiran be transferred to another hospital where tests revealed a depressed fracture in Keiran’s skull and an acute subdural haematoma.

He wasfinally released on March 2 and is doing better, but still remains more of a ‘high-needs’ baby than his brother. 

Medical professionals have said the baby’s head may not heal for six months to a year and there may be long-term effects from the fall.

The couple are planning to take legal action and sue for neglect over the incident.

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