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The App Promising To Get Ladies To The Big "O"

It sounds like a mix between a sex education class and a game of Flappy Bird but if the reviews are anything to go by, OMGYES is about to become your new favourite app.

The phone-based clitoral simulator promises to teach you - or your man - about a whole host of techniques that'll get you where you need to go in the most enjoyable way possible.

And when we say clitoral simulator, we mean clitoral simulator; you're basically going to get very familiar with a vulva taking over your phone screen and walking you through 12 different stimulation techniques.

Not an app you're going to want to be using on the commute to work, then.

"When it comes to sex and pleasure, everyone's trying to play it cool," OMGYES program director Claire Kim explained. "No-one honestly knows what's going on exactly.

"What feels best changes a lot between people and even for the same people over time.

"Our surveys show people in couples aren't telling each other what would make sex even better for fear of hurting feelings."

The program is taking ~sexual pleasure~ to an incredibly scientific level; PhD researchers conduct thousands of interviews with regular people to figure out what they're nailing (so to speak) and what they wish they knew, drilling down into the nitty gritty of our bedroom behaviours.

And then the results are pushed out through step-by-step videos and techniques born out of actual evidence and real-life experience - something that's going to benefit not just you but your partner too.

"Only 17 per cent of women orgasm from just penetration," Ms Kim said. "Four times as many women orgasm if there's simultaneous clitoral stimulation.

"So it comes down to fingers and tongues on the clitoris, whether during penetration or not.

"And women are the absolute Jedis when it comes to ways of touching the clitoris. So, best for partners to learn from and replicate those ways."

Sounds a lot more fun that studying for HSC Biology now, doesn't it?

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