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We've Figured Out Exactly How Long It Should Take You To Poo

Generally speaking, you can divide the world into two kinds of people: Those who spend far too long on the toilet and those who can't understand what the heck the others are doing.

(Shout-out to anyone who is reading this on their phone in the bathroom. 'Sup.)


But a new study has confirmed, once and for all, exactly how long it should take a person to poo, and it's surprisingly speedy; after analysing hours and hours of video footage of more than 30 different animal species doing their business, scientists figured out we should be pooping in 12 seconds.

Twelve. Seconds.

Lead researcher, Patricia Yang, explained there was a particularly important reason for that length of time: Survival.

"The smell of body waste attracts predators, which is dangerous for animals," she told New Scientist.

"If they stay doing their thing, they're exposing themselves and risking being discovered."

If you're interested in the mechanics behind doing a number two, Yang's team also discovered that, regardless of an animal's size, the way they poo remains the same.


"The normal, low-level pressure animals apply to push through a bowel movement is constant, and unrelated to a creature's body mass," New Scientist reports. 

"This means that, whether it's a human or a mouse, the pressure used on normal excrement is the same."

The more you know, hey?

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