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Shocking Thing Couples Are Doing When in A Relationship

A new study has revealed something rather alarming about people in relationships! 

Family law firm Slater and Gordon, conducted the research that found that a third of people in Britain are apparently still active on dating apps when they’re in relationships!

One in five people, said that they wouldn’t mind finding their partner ‘swiping right’, with two-thirds of 16-24-year-olds saying they’d forgive their partners for keeping their options open online.

‘These findings mirror what we have seen during recent divorce proceedings where we have acted for clients,’ says Niamh McCarthy, a divorce lawyer at the firm.

‘Modern technology such as the use of social media and now more recently dating apps, have added yet another potential hurdle for a couple. Having a secret life away from your partner is a temptation which is clearly still dividing opinion. 

‘Although a large number of people have admitted to using dating apps while in a relationship it’s apparent it is not something we are all willing to accept as part and parcel of the modern day dating life.

‘Previously these apps wouldn’t have been involved in relationships but within the last two to three years we have seen a steady rise in them being referred to in divorce proceedings.’

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